El Muro no es el problema; La llegada de mi madre.

Buenas Tardes mis amigos,

Yes, I has been a while since I last posted anything, and I apologize my friends! As you may have noticed, my greeting is different from the usual. I have opted for my native Spanish greeting instead for the usual French, but I do it for to celebrate my Hispanic Heritage Month.

I am Latina above anything; so today’s posting will be about a very important topic to me and for the majority of America– Latinos and immigration. In the up in coming race for the nomination to the presidential election for the United States, immigration has become a hot topic, as alwaysThough, many candidates for a nomination have already made their stance very clear in where they stand on immigration policy. Some have gone as far as singling out a group of people as undesirable immigrants, I will not name names nor point fingers (insert head roll towards a certain hopeful presidential candidate). I repeat, I AM LATINA, and 1st generation Mexican/Central-American. No longer will we keep quite; no longer must we keep quite, we have been called out. A response is required! I have never felt as proud of my heritage as I am today, I have a response for many candidates over their views and allegations over Latinos and Hispanics in the U.S. I hope you hear me loud and clear.

My parents immigrated here in the early 80s with the same hope as others who came before them; the hope for a better future. My mami, a single mother of one and younger siblings who depended on her income to survive, left Mexico to arrive in Houston, TX hoping for a better opportunity and in search for work. She came here to the U.S in hopes of a better survival rate for her young son. A wall didn’t stop a mother from seeking a better future, nor did a first touristic visa denial on her first attempt. She was denied a stamp in the morning, and returned in the evening for another attempt. Permission granted. Passport and bus ticket in hand, she boarded for Houston.

Mi mami en los 80s.

Mi mami en los 80s.

I’ve asked her so many times about that decision, I can almost see her facing that difficult decision once more. In many instances she has recalled the moment she last held her infant son before leaving him behind with her mother. She tells me “en ese momento, sabía que estaba perdiendo a mi hijo”  (In that moment, I knew that I was losing my son.) The need was so great in her household, that the sacrifice needed to be made. It was the choice between watching her son grow up in awful poverty or providing a better future for him while he grew up at a distance from her. She was 23 years old. I couldn’t imagine having to make that type of decision at any age, let alone have to live with it for the rest of my life. Mi mami arrived to Houston with eleven dollars to her name and a small blue luggage bag holding her clothes. I look at that small bag and compare it to the daily purse which I carry now, my purse is far larger. She jokingly says that “esa es tu herencia” (that is your inheritance), I look at her and admire her. I will be proud if all that is left to me is that blue bag as my inheritance, I will probably pass it down to my daughter, God willing.

This bag and a memory of her son was what my mother brought with her to this country. Mi herencia que vale mas que oro.

This bag and a memory of her son was what my mother brought with her to this country. Mi herencia que vale mas que oro.

Mi mami worked long hours as a live-in housekeeper in wealthy upper middle class household near the world’s largest medical center. She would save almost all of her earnings in order to send them to the family she missed. Years of sacrifice later, she was able not only able to feed and support her son, but also her siblings, and was able to build a roof over their heads. So many year’s of routine, and solitude paid off. Her goal had been met, the family she had left back in Mexico where living much better and with a brighter future, thanks to the American dollars she was earning. The wage of 50 dollars a week, where able to sustain a family of at least four in Mexico. Not only did it sustain, it built and progressed a family in Mexico. It would be years before my mami could see what she had been able to build, since she had over-stayed her visa and could not afford not to return to the U.S. She was a prisoner in the country of opportunity. It would take a president with enough cojones to pass an amnesty and ease residency/citizenship for her to finally be able to hold her son in her arms again.

Mami y Papi bien enamorados! My parents would go on to set a fantastic example of what a marriage should be like.

Mami y Papi bien enamorados! My parents would go on to set a fantastic example of what a marriage should be like.

Thankfully, my mami met my papi, who shared the same immigration status as she did. Two different motivations, two visions filled with shared hopes and dreams, and two over-stayed visa later; led to a beautiful team that would build and create a family of their own in the land of opportunity. I chose to share my mami’s story first, because it was her story that I had the most trouble understanding. Making a choice of separating from a child to migrate to another country in hopes of something better, was something that I could never imagine facing. I could never imagine having to come to that choice, because I have never faced what my mother faced at 23. I have never faced the desperation of a new mother who was struggling to feed her child, and could foresee the awful future that would await them if drastic measures had not been taken. The strong woman who has raised me has been the source of my inspiration and drive. All that she was able to over come in order for a better life not only for herself, but for others who depended on her, has left me in awe. There is no way that I can’t achieve anything; I have a strong, beautiful and intelligent Latina who is my greatest supporter.

I had a full intend of going further into analyzing the views of immigration and the problem with sticking Latinos with this negative image of criminals for the simple dream to work towards a better future that our countries of origins cannot provide. As I began writing some of my mother’s story, I realized that this isn’t something that can be done in only one posting. It deserves full attention, so I will break it down into several pieces and publish them here. I promise that I will analyze the problem of how immigration in the U.S has been handled and offer another point of view. All I ask is for patience and understanding. Until tomorrow!

Buenas Noches, que descansen!

❤ ❤ ❤ Adriana Elizaveth

p.s. Keep in mind, that we are all american.


You Don’t Have to Hate Anybody to be a Bigot

This person has nailed it! I just hate the fact that the governor of Texas has made it seem that the people who live in Texas use religious reasons to deny others of thier civil rights.

The Weekly Sift

Throughout American history, most bigots have been nice folks who had sincere religious reasons for treating other people badly.

Social conservatives were all over the airwaves and print media this week, explaining how and why the battle over marriage equality is not over. The Supreme Court may have spoken, but the other branches of government, they promised, could still step in somehow, if we elect the right people. Or county clerks could just refuse to issue licenses. Or ordinary people could practice civil disobedience in some unspecified way. There are, Glenn Beck has promised us, ten thousand pastors willing to “go to prison or to death” over this issue (though exactly what charges will brought against them or who might try to kill them is a bit vague).

To me, the most revealing moment of this Alamo-like refusal to surrender came when Texas Senator Ted Cruz was interviewed…

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A gypsy heart


It has been over two years since I have explored a new place! I grow restless as the days pass, and I find myself longing for a change of scenery. Tonight I find myself enjoying a cup of hot tea, going through old photos and reminiscing with Fleetwood Mac playing in the background. I see photos from all my old trips and see myself genuinely happy ( I also think of myself as crazy for thinking that I was fat 3 or 4 years ago!) As I look back on my trips, I see that I was happy because I’m experiencing something new and sharing the experience with someone.


My cousins, aunt and I enjoying a late night conversation at a cafe in Antigua, Guatemala.

I have seen a bit of the world, yet I look online and see the latest list of 25 places to see before you die, and think I a lifetime isn’t enough! This year I have a goal to visit at least one of those places on the list. It’s been two years since I’ve gotten a stamp on my passport, and a fear that is far too long! I may not even need a stamp to travel, now that I realize that there is much of the United States that I haven’t seen! But it would be nice to travel outside the country, the rush and excitement I feel as I await in a customs line at the airport is inexpiable!

My friend Olivia and I arriving in France after a long flight feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed to explore what lays ahead!

My friend Olivia and I arriving in France after a long flight feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed to explore what lays ahead!

I’m unsure to where I will travel this year, yet I’m excited and restless to get up an go! There is so much too see and do, that I don’t think I will ever get to do them ALL! Even if I only get to cross off one place on the 25 places to see before you die list, (that is ever changing might I add!) I shall be happy. I’ll keep y’all updated on where I decide to go this year! Please if you have any suggestions, email me or leave a comment here!

xoxoxo- Adriana Elizaveth

p.s.  yes, I was listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Gypsy as I came up with this title.

Let talk about #ImNoAngel


Bonsoir mes amis!

As many of you may have heard about this new hash-tag taking all media by storm! #ImNoAngel, is demanding everyone’s attention. It’s latest battle cry for women empowerment and for a positive body image! The media has not always been so kind to the relationship between women and their body image, Lane Bryant just the started the latest media campaign against body shaming by adding a more diverse pool of women in their latest ad for a new line of lingerie. Typically lingerie is modeled by women with specific body measurements, and then altered and airbrushed of imperfections. Lane Bryant just changed the image of sexy with their new ad; and it’s a big win for positive body image!  In the past few years this movement of body image empowerment has gained momentum, maybe that’s due to the fact that there are more media outlets available. I mean back when I was growing up the biggest outlet was t.v, now we have apps like Instagram which aid movements such as this one to gain momentum. I grew up in the 90s, and I can’t remember one campaign that was as important as this one.

So why is #ImNoAngel important? Well along with #effyourbeautystandards, #ImNoAngel addresses the fact that the woman’s body comes in different shapes and sizes. There is not such thing as a flawless woman–unless you’re made of stone. Many ads and magazine spreads sell the image of a flawless and perfect woman, the issue with that is that image doesn’t really exist. Those ads and magazine spreads are heavily Photoshop-ed and  altered to an extent to where they don’t even look real. We all have to understand that all these extreme measures are taken in order to sell a product. Yet, in order to sell that product, young girls and even grown women see the perfect model in the layout and instantly feel ashamed and begin to create false images of what a woman should look like. This is where unhealthy habits are formed, poor self confidence flourishes, and unhealthy relationships with one’s one body begin to take over. #effyourbeautystandards and #ImNoAngel show women of different sizes, some baring their flaws and scars proudly. The message is clear, we are all human and no, we all don’t look the same. The flaws and scars are reminders of who we are and with we have lived through.

Please don’t take this as a jab at women who do look like Victoria Secret models, this is not at all the point of this post. All woman are beautiful regardless of their exterior features, we all are unique that is was make us beautiful. I only hope that with more campaigns such as #effyourbeautystandards and #ImNoAngel, that other companies like Victoria Secret and all media outlets will begin to realize that sexy and beauty has nothing to do with the measurements of a woman, but all to do with the state of mind and confidence.

xoxoxo- Adriana Elizaveth