A creative outlet


Bon soir mes amis!

A few friends of mine have started their own blogs, which inspired me to create one of my own! I’m not entirely sure what will be the focus of this blog, yet I’m exited to see in which direction it will take! Not even sure if anyone will read it! I just needed a creative outlet in this post grad life I’m living! Something creative and productive, something where my voice could be heard! I should probably get to the part where I introduce myself…it’s funny how the first days in class I dreaded self introductions, they still make me nervous! Anyhow, I’m Adriana Elizaveth, I’m from one of the most diverse cities in the U.S- Houston, TX that is! Yes, the same wondrous city that Queen Bey came from! H-town vicious! Sorry I couldn’t help myself!  I hope one day some one will say “Houston?! That’s the city Adriana Elizaveth came from!”. The previous statement has nothing to do with fame, but it has all to do with leaving a legacy.

Last May I graduated from the University of Houston….and that’s when the struggle begins! College was just minor issues when compared to the struggle after college! I won’t go into details here, maybe in a later post, but one thing I will say now–I firmly believe in the quarter-life crisis! The words of my high school A.P U.S History teacher have played in my mind when I need them most ” it will all work out in the end”, and it’s true! Let’s move on to lighter subjects…

Flowers are my favorite things in the world…okay maybe next to CANDY…and okay maybe after NETFLIX…and after WINE…and ALL things FRENCH…DOWNTON ABBEY…THE COLOR PINK. Not just any PINK, DUSTY ROSE PINK!  Okay so I should have said flowers are among my favorite things in the world. I mentioned all things french, because as you will soon learn, I have an obsession with the french culture! To the point where I believe that I must have been french in the past life, and in this life I’m blessed to be a Latina-French-American! Latina by heritage, French by choice, and American by birth.

So to finally finish this long intro, I’m excited to see what comes from this new creative outlet that I am exploring! As said earlier, I’m unsure where this blog will go, yet I hope you keep reading and perhaps wonderful and new Ideas! Plus you’ll get to know the awesome person that I am!

xoxox-Adriana Elizaveth


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