Let talk about #ImNoAngel


Bonsoir mes amis!

As many of you may have heard about this new hash-tag taking all media by storm! #ImNoAngel, is demanding everyone’s attention. It’s latest battle cry for women empowerment and for a positive body image! The media has not always been so kind to the relationship between women and their body image, Lane Bryant just the started the latest media campaign against body shaming by adding a more diverse pool of women in their latest ad for a new line of lingerie. Typically lingerie is modeled by women with specific body measurements, and then altered and airbrushed of imperfections. Lane Bryant just changed the image of sexy with their new ad; and it’s a big win for positive body image!  In the past few years this movement of body image empowerment has gained momentum, maybe that’s due to the fact that there are more media outlets available. I mean back when I was growing up the biggest outlet was t.v, now we have apps like Instagram which aid movements such as this one to gain momentum. I grew up in the 90s, and I can’t remember one campaign that was as important as this one.

So why is #ImNoAngel important? Well along with #effyourbeautystandards, #ImNoAngel addresses the fact that the woman’s body comes in different shapes and sizes. There is not such thing as a flawless woman–unless you’re made of stone. Many ads and magazine spreads sell the image of a flawless and perfect woman, the issue with that is that image doesn’t really exist. Those ads and magazine spreads are heavily Photoshop-ed and  altered to an extent to where they don’t even look real. We all have to understand that all these extreme measures are taken in order to sell a product. Yet, in order to sell that product, young girls and even grown women see the perfect model in the layout and instantly feel ashamed and begin to create false images of what a woman should look like. This is where unhealthy habits are formed, poor self confidence flourishes, and unhealthy relationships with one’s one body begin to take over. #effyourbeautystandards and #ImNoAngel show women of different sizes, some baring their flaws and scars proudly. The message is clear, we are all human and no, we all don’t look the same. The flaws and scars are reminders of who we are and with we have lived through.

Please don’t take this as a jab at women who do look like Victoria Secret models, this is not at all the point of this post. All woman are beautiful regardless of their exterior features, we all are unique that is was make us beautiful. I only hope that with more campaigns such as #effyourbeautystandards and #ImNoAngel, that other companies like Victoria Secret and all media outlets will begin to realize that sexy and beauty has nothing to do with the measurements of a woman, but all to do with the state of mind and confidence.

xoxoxo- Adriana Elizaveth


The beauty of spring!


Find some time in your day to enjoy all that spring has to offer! I promise you it will work wonders for you! Learn to enjoy the free things in life!

Women who Marched to Their own beat II


Bonsoir mes amis!

It’s been awhile since my last post, I figured it would be a great idea to end March with the last part of my list of inspirational women. I began this list in the beginning of March as a celebration for women’s history month. So I think this would be a great way to finish the month, let us continue this praise of women, shall we. Oh, and if you haven’t checked out my first two posts please check them out!

Last post I named two great women whom I turn to for inspiration and guidance. This list was composed in no particular order, I simply chose to begin with Audrey and Frida. So the next two women who follow are no less important figures to me than the rest. These are all women who pushed boundaries and with their own strength, they fought for their dreams. It did not matter where they came from, nor what they owned or didn’t own, these women made things happen for themselves. Coco Chanel is a great example of a woman who made things happen for herself. Madame Chanel is a woman who embodies strength and perseverance; both characteristics of which I most admire and need so much. She did not allow her beginnings shape the grandeur of her dreams and goals. I think sometimes I look at my current situation and allow it to determine how big my goals can be. Sometimes we are afraid to dream big and aim high because our current state tells us that it will be impossible to succeeded now. Then I think of Madame Chanel, if she would have been afraid to dream large or even quit along the road, she would not have been able to live on forever. Coco Chanel was persistent enough to create something larger than herself, that she will continue to leave her mark on this world way after her death. She chose to fight and work for the life she know she wanted to create for herself. I know that the life we want to create for ourselves isn’t going to be an easy road, (and if it is maybe you’re not dreaming big enough) then I look at the legacy of Chanel and think yes it will be worth it. One only needs to choose to be strong and persistent.

Now the last woman on my list, is a woman who many don’t know. This woman is different from the rest of these ladies I’ve mentioned for; she didn’t become famous, she didn’t become financially rich, nor does she live in luxury. This woman may not be as recognizable as Audrey, Frida or Coco, but she has left a mark in my life that no one will ever be able to tarnish.  She is the woman who has no days off; does not think about herself;and takes on numerous roles at a time; she is my mother. My mother, Esther, has shown me what it is to be a woman. She shows me everyday was it  means to be a mother, daughter, and wife. My mother shows me what I can be capable of achieving, if not she sure has no issue in reminding me. I look at her, I only hope to become half of the woman she has become.

As we end this month of March, lets keep in mind the women who inspire is to chase after our dreams and goals. Even if some of these women don’t share a personal connection with me I still will continue to look toward them when I need a little inspiration and direction. These women will shape the woman that I’m becoming.