Film analysis

filmsIn my college days, I would have to write a film analysis paper at least once a semester. To my surprise I actually enjoyed writing about films; uncovering underlying messages and different artistic takes on subjects, is what I eagerly analyzed. I’ve always enjoyed watching movies, if you know me personally you’d know that I find ways to quote movies into conversations! Yet now I view them differently, find myself that every time I watch a film I begin to analyze it in the same way I did when I had to do it in college. I begin to make arguments and draft up possible topics for an analysis paper. So, I thought it would be a great idea to dedicate a page to them. This way I’m proactively thinking about what I’m watching, and not just mindlessly spending time in front of the television or computer. I will mostly review and analyze classic films or my favorite films, please if you have any suggestions do ahead and let me know! I will try and post one every month or so! Happy readings!


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